Drug Abuse

The Drug Free Arewa movement is a movement of young people and civil society groups within 19 Northern States and the F.C.T, as the key outcomes of the 2nd Annual Arewa Youth Leadership Summit held on 20TH January 2018 at the Nigeria Air Force Conference Center, Kado - Abuja that had the participation of 185 youths and stakeholders from across the region organized by TRIUMPHANT YOUTH FOUNDATION (TYF). Understanding that drugs/substance abuse are robbing our youths of their future in the North, as proven that every hour a teenager experiments with illicit drugs for the first time. However, helping young people live life without drugs is Triumphant Youth Foundation (TYF) and partners coordinating the largest non-governmental drug/substance abuse education and prevention in Northern Nigeria.


Indeed this is the key to a real and sustainable regional recovery, as top level Government Officials, Religious and Traditional leaders, Students, Health Workers, Politicians, CSO’s, Youth Based Organisations and Law Enforcement Agencies join us in this crusade to strengthen and enable cooperation and implement valuable resolutions that will bring positive growth and holistic fight against drug abuse in the Northern region


The rapid pace of technological development in the new knowledge economy has created increasingly more powerful ICTs and increasing demand on workers with advanced (ICT) skills. However, just because the technology is available does not mean everyone can get the training and develop skills in it. Those who cannot access necessary information and training, and cannot keep up with technological revolution will be left behind and vulnerable as knowledge economy has already wreaked havoc in unskilled and semi-skilled employment (Hull 2003).


Microsoft YouthSpark is a global initiative to increase access for all youth to learn computer science, empowering them to achieve more for themselves, their families and their communities.


Years ago, Microsoft in its passion to take IT to the reach of every youth globally especially AFRICA launched Microsoft YouthSpark, a cross-company initiative that created educational, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for more than 300 million youth around the world. Triumphant Youth Foundation will promote this great initiative by providing opportunities to the less privileged youth in our communities to learn computer science and bridge the gap with the privileged as well as gain decent jobs

Triumphant Accelerated Skills Acquisition Programme (TASAP)

If young people are socially and emotionally empowered, they will live dignified lives, stand up for themselves, they will be independent and confident to tackle life challenges.

TASAP has developed skills that will inspire our young people aspire greatness, such as teamwork, business basics, Marketing assistance, accounting/financial management, presentation skills, Link to market, Start up business plan, business etiquette, Networking activities and Link to strategy partners and helps its students gain professional direction in Agripreneur, Entrepreneurship, Photography, ICT, Fashion Design, Film Making and Digital Storytelling, and to plan for the future.

Youth  Development  Programme (YODEP

Addressing the “meaninglessness of life” culture among the youth today. Helping them eliminate self-destructive drug and substance abuse habits by addressing the needs of the whole person, which means not only dealing with their addiction or/abuse but also rebuilding key foundations in vital areas such as self – image, peer pressure, family living, work ethic and community relationships. Providing counseling and a number of short-term/long-term programmes designed to address issues, both past, present and future that affect youths. Through YODEP, TYF prepares youth to fully participate in civic life by supporting youth engagement (volunteerism, community service, service-learning, civic participation) and empowerment (leadership, social entrepreneurship, and activism). These include Mentoring, Coaching, Triumphant Youth Adaptable Leadership Training (TALT), entrepreneurship/skill acquisation training, life skills and Seminars.

Girls and Young Women

One of the most important tasks of youth policy  is to  improve  the  situation  of  girls  and  young  women. Girls  are  often treated  as  inferior  and  are  socialized  to  put  themselves  last, thus  undermining  their  self-esteem.  Discrimination  and neglect  in  childhood  can  initiate  a  lifelong  downward  spiral of  deprivation  and  exclusion  from  the  social  mainstream. Negative  cultural  attitudes  and  practices,  as  well  as  gender biased  educational  processes  including  curricula,  educational materials  and  practices,  teachers’  attitudes  and  classroom interaction, reinforce existing gender inequalities.