TRIUMPHANT YOUTH FOUNDATION is honored to partner with you in giving hope to the hopeless, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, educating the under privileged, creating opportunities for girl child, drug abuse prevention, job creation to the teaming youths, radiating  love to the unloved, shelter to homeless etc. This can be achieved with your unwavering support, even with resources and selfless service.

Gyara Kayanka: Restoring Human Dignity and Economic Empowerment Amongst 200 Street Youth in Northern Nigeria.

The project is aimed to transform, train, engage, empower young men and women living on the street within the age bracket of 11 – 18 through interventions below 

  • Moral Rocovery Program:
  • Trauma Care and Counseling  * Responsibilities  *National Identity *Personal Development and Healthy Living *Family and Social Life *Integration of Cognition, Affection and Action *Self-recovery *Peer Education
  • Agriculture 
  •  Farmhouse Mordern Agricultural Practices *Commodity Marketing Skills 
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Microsoft Certification through Microsoft Youthspark  *Photography and Video Editing
  • Fashion 
  • Tailoring  *Shoe Coupling 
  • Entrepreneurship Training 
  • Business Management  *Financial Management  *Leadership  *Marketing Strategies  *Network 

Project vision: To restore human dignity and economic empowerment amongst 200 street youth through job and career development, life skills, healing memory and moral renewal programmes 

Project Goals and Objectives 

The overall goals and objectives for the project are:

  1. To empower the youth by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable them become self-reliant 
  2. To instill and develop good business management amongst them
  3. To sensitise, mobilize, unite youth and the community and help them face challenges positively 
  4. To provide employment 
  5. To provide startup funds that will enable them start their businesses 

We need you to achieve this impactful project

Understanding that drugs/substance abuse are robbing our youths of their future, as proven that every hour a teenager experiments with illicit drugs for the first time. However, helping young people live life without drugs is Triumphant Youth Foundation (TYF) coordinating the largest non-governmental drug/substance abuse education and prevention campaign in Northern Nigeria.

The Strategy, Key Sessions and Activities for the “Drug-Free Arewa” Campaign shall include;

  • Drug-Free Arewa Movement Chapters
  • Training of Drug-Free Arewa Peer Educators
  • Development and Production of Drug-Free Arewa Peer Educator’s Discussion Guide
  • Drug-Free Peer Education Discussion Sessions at various Spots
  • Northern Stakeholders Forum on Drugs
  • Production and Airing of Drug-Free Arewa Hausa Jingle
  • Selection and Engagement of Drug-Free Arewa Campaign Ambassadors
  • Weekly TV/Radio Talk Shows
  • Scripting, Production and weekly airing of Drug-Free Arewa Hausa/English Drama
  • Production and dissemination of “Drug-Free Arewa Watch” – a Quarterly Newsletter
  • Production and dissemination of Campaign IEC Materials
  • Drug-Free Arewa Foot Ball Tournament
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Follow up at Local, State, and Regional Levels

Unemployment, seen as a hydra-Readed monster in Nigeria is no doubt, one of the causes of insecurity in Nigeria, with its adverse socio-economic implications. Many believe that, providing jobs for the youths will stem the tide and give them a sense of belonging.

In spite of the increasing recognition of entrepreneurship as a source of job creation, empowerment and economic dynamism in Nigeria, there has been no systematic attempt to look at it from a youth angle. The tendency has been either to subsume the young people into the general adult population or to ignore their efforts to forge a livelihood through enterprise activities. This has resulted in the lack of an adequate understanding of the potential benefits of youth entrepreneurship as a means of improving their livelihoods.

TASAP has developed skills such as teamwork, business basics, Marketing assistance, accounting/financial management, presentation skills, Link to market, Start up business plan, business etiquette, Networking activities and Link to strategy partners and helps its students gain professional direction in Entrepreneurship, Photography, ICT, Fashion Design, Film Making and Digital Storytelling, and to plan for the future.

If young people are economically, socially and emotionally empowered, they will live dignified lives, stand up for themselves, they will be independent and confident to tackle life challenges. Let’s build hope in these young people today for a better tomorrow.



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